New World of Opportunity in Global Trade & Logistics

Our Leadership Cluster works with Industry Partners and community colleges as well as economic development and government resource bodies to listen to the global trade and logistics community, and then to craft programs to provide students – at all levels of education K-16 – with opportunity to learn, network and become great matches to the workforce needs of companies in this sector. In March, 2014 the Port of Oakland, Dreisbach Logistics and ‘Give Something Back’ co-convened a Breakfast Launch Event, inviting leaders of companies involved in domestic and international logistics, recruitment and logistics or hiring managers for large SF Bay Area employers. Leadership Teams, led by senior level champions have stepped up to manage action plans in each of the areas defined for focus: Infrastructure, Talent and Public Policy.  Following is a short list of the types of programs, events and opportunities we are creating in collaboration with industry and academia:

For Students

  • Videos and Interactive Educational Tools
  • Online Classes

Logistics Industry - International

  • Internship and Career Opportunities
  • Global Trade and Logistics and Global SCM Master Certifications (in development)

For Educators/Administrators

  • Videos and Interactive Educational Tools
  • Programs for faculty development
  • Global Entrepreneurship programs (future)
  • Bridging Education and Professional Careers

Logistics Industry - Domestic

  • Interns and Apprentices Focused in Identified Disciplines Needed (e.g. Welding, Warehousing, Basic Business and Communications Skills)
  • Certifications